Maths at Te Kauwhata College

It’s a MATHful of fun here, join us!

At Te Kauwhata College, we in the Mathematics Learning Area endeavour to create a positive learning experience for our students. We encourage students to discover the world through patterns and relationships using number and algebra, measurement and geometry, and data.

Students go through each stage and are given the chance to choose their pathway as they start to think of their career in Year 11, whether to go to university or tertiary studies or to get a job when they are of age.

Our Vision:
We envisage our student- learners for life who are mathematically and statistically literate and able to manage themselves in an information and data-driven age.

The Koru stands for fractals in nature and this symbolises the nature of mathematics as we learn and persevere in our work and thus succeed.

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Where does Mathematics take us?

There are many careers that need a good background in mathematics. If you are considering yourself to any of the following (to name a few), then it will benefit you to do mathematics up to NCEA Level Three.

  • Accountant – Numerical Analyst – Geodesist
  • Doctor – Computer Programmer – Meteorologist
  • Actuary – Investment manager – Financial Analyst
  • Market Researcher – Engineer – Cost Estimator
  • High School Teacher – Mathematician – Space/ aircraft industry
  • Financial Planner – Banking – Lawyer
  • Investment manager – Statistician – Scientist
  • Insurance underwriter – Data Scientist – Economist