2024 Student Leaders

2024 Student Leaders

Head Students

Kia ora, we are your head students for 2024. Our names are  Lachlan, Lawrena,  Stephanie and Kudrat.
The job of a head student includes working closely with the Student Council, our Principal Mrs Hohneck, and the student body as a whole.

Our goals for this year are to leave a positive impact on our school community, lead by example, and for you all to feel like you can take any opportunity that comes your way with confidence.

The four of us, as well as the other Year 13 students, are always here for support. We are here for you and hope to see you all around.

2024 Head of Houses

Head of Houses

Hi from Georgia, your Rimu House leader,  Baylee, your Kauri House Leader and Hopate, your Totara House Leader.  Our role as House Leaders is to encourage students to be motivated and focused in whatever they may be doing,  such as sports, academics and performances etc. We’ll be responsible for guiding students through school and ensuring they are able to put in as much effort into activities as possible. We’re  really excited to work with all of you throughout 2024.
2024 House Captains

House Captains

Kia Ora school, we are your 2024 House Captains. I’m Erin, Harmony, Maya and Zaahir.

This year we would like to encourage healthy competition through organised school events such as swimming sports. Our goal for this year is to create a sense of community and encourage everyone to participate and have fun.

We look forward to creating new memories and hopefully influencing you to join in and earn house points for a real competition. 

If you have any questions or ideas feel free to come up to us and we can have a chat.

Wellbeing: Steph & Georgia
Our names are Stephanie and Georgia, and we will be the Wellbeing Leaders for 2024. This means that we will be working closely with Trina, our School Counsellor, and the School Nurse.

Our goal for the year is to bring awareness to mental health and to enhance inclusivity and safety for all.

Student Engagement: Kudrat
My name is Kudrat. As well as being one of your Head Students this year, I will also be your Academic/Student Engagement Leader for 2024. This means that I will try to find more ways to make the school a place in which students can come to learn but also have fun. As well as this, I would like to implement some extra help for senior students this year who may be overwhelmed or confused with their courses and or coursework.  

Sports Leader: Baylee
Hello again everyone, My name is Baylee and as well as being your Kauri House Leader, I am also your Sports Leader for 2024. I believe participation and encouragement are two of the biggest aspects of creating a positive sporting environment for all students. My goal for this year is to encourage all students to participate in all sport-related activities, including school sports days, interschools and general team sports. I want to see everyone giving sports a go and trying their best, not only for yourselves but also for your house.

Environmental: Lachlan
Hello school, my name is Lachlan and this year I will be taking on the new role of Environmental Leader. This means that I will continually strive to find ways to improve and teach everyone about the problems and solutions involving the environment around us. Feel free to approach me if you have any ideas or want to help with our endeavours. Everyone needs to help! Thank you.

Arts/Cultural: Lawrena & Hopate
Kia ora, Talofolava, Malo e Lelei, Kamusta, Ayubowan, Bula Vinaka, Ni hao, and hello TK.  We are your Cultural and Arts leaders for 2024. As Cultural and Arts Leaders we strive to provide opportunities for our students to express themselves through arts and cultural performances. We have noticed the immense cultural diversity and talented artists in our school and want to give students an outlet to show off their skills. If you need anything from us or have any suggestions or ideas come and find us. We’re both really excited to see the performances students put on this year.