Junior School - Year 7 & 8

The intermediate classes at Year 7 and 8 are set amongst but are slightly separate from the rest of the college. This gives the students the security of their own playing area at interval and lunchtimes but the advantage of sharing the college facilities such as the gymnasium, Science laboratories, a specialized Art room, building workshops, Food Technology rooms and much more.
At present we have six classrooms of Year 7/8 students. The reason we have Year 7 and 8 students in the same class is so the Year 8’s can help and support the Year 7’s coming into the school as a new student. It is also helpful for us as teachers when we decide what student combinations work best.

Each student will have a Mentor class and a Homeroom class.

Mentor Class

This is where your student has 15 minutes with their Mentor Teacher first thing in the morning so they can listen to the school notices, do short activities to motivate them for learning, and get attendance and uniform checked. They will be with a group of 20-25 students that go from Year 7-10.

Homeroom Class

As the name suggests, this class is their main class. Year 7 and 8 students stay with this group of students for all subjects including options. Their Homeroom Class provides a place for their books much like a primary school class, and this is where they spend most of their learning time. English and Social Studies are taught in these rooms, and this teacher is usually the first port of call they go to if they need support or if you need to talk to someone about their learning or behaviour. When the students have option classes, such as P.E, or Science, they move together as a class according to their timetable. Your child should expect weekly homework from their Homeroom Teacher. Mrs Riddell is currently the Year 7 and 8 Team Leader.

Student Leaders

Four Year 8 Student Leaders are nominated and voted on at the beginning of the year. They run our Year 7/8 Assemblies and are part of our Student Council which involves meetings with student leaders from each Year level to decide on fundraisers and give ‘student voice’ to the school’s leadership team.

Frequently asked questions

Does my child need a device?

All our junior classes have Chromebooks which are given out to individual students.  All other classes have devices that students can use.

What stationery does my child need?

You can find a copy of our stationery list here. Students will need a book for all subjects covered in class.  These can be brought to school and kept in their desks in homeroom.

How do I get in contact with a Homeroom Teacher?

The current Homeroom Teachers are Cathy Riddell, Chris Plant, Kuia Nepe, Becky Ryall, Shynade Mellish and Linda Harwood. You can view their contact information on the staff page.

Where can my student play during breaks?

Year 7/8 students have an area of the school just for them.  Teachers are on duty at breaks to make sure that older students do not enter.  Year 7/8 students are also free to go to other areas of the school should they wish.