Music at Te Kauwhata College

The Arts department at Te Kauwhata College encompasses Visual Art, Dance, Drama, and Music (theory, practical, and technology).

Why learn Music at Te Kauwhata College?

“Music expresses feeling and thought, without language; it was below and before speech, and it is above and beyond all words.”

Robert G. Ingersoll


In Music students will:

* Work individually and collaboratively to explore, develop and refine performance skills.

* Create original musical ideas to develop and refine within a number of compositions.

* Investigate a range of musical styles and genres in relationship to past and present contexts.

* Develop and understanding of technology within Music, in both recording and live performance situations.

* Understand the methods of musical communication in both aural and score reading settings.

* Reflect and enrich the cultural life of their school, whaanau, and communities, through involvement and performances.

Frequently asked questions

Can I learn an instrument at TKC?

Yes! We have tutors who offer Guitar, Drum, Bass, Vocals, and Woodwind lessons

What is the cost of learning at instrument?

$20 a year for lessons. There is a $100 hire fee for woodwind instruments.

Can I learn the piano?

Unfortunately no, we do not have a piano tutor at this time.

Can I do Music at NCEA without learning an instrument?

Yes, although it is more difficult you are able to do Music at NCEA without performing an instrument.

Where can I sign up for lessons?

Fill in this form here!