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Expectations for Online Learning can be found under the Our School tab or click here


25th May 2022

Kia ora tatou. Hoki mai ano. 

Welcome back to Term 2 everybody. Once again, we begin with high hopes for an unbroken term. Our attendance rates are just about back to normal, approximately 82% of our students present. 

Winter Sports are underway, and it is good to see our students in their new sports uniforms. 

Covid numbers are spiking again in the region, and we are expecting that NZ will follow a similar trajectory to Australia. The MOE has been warning schools to prepare for the possibility of more closures or rostering home. Predictions are that there will be a surge in illnesses, Covid and regular flu over the winter months. We are reminded to continue to take precautions, to wear masks if possible and to stay home if unwell. Some form of online learning will remain available, and we are encouraged to continue to develop our hybrid models of teaching. However, it is still infinitely preferable to have students present at school if possible. 

Pink Shirt (anti-bullying) Day, was intended to have been held alongside our school cross country. The weather was poor so cross country was postponed, but many students did still get involved in the spirit of the day and wore pink to show their support for positive behaviour and relationships. Ironically, bad behaviour, bullying and aggression amongst teenagers seems to be on many of our minds. We see images daily, of ram raids and violent behaviour on our TV news - to say nothing of social media. At this college, we are working hard to in-still positive behaviour approaches and responsible social interactions in our students. When students do react badly toward each other we use a range of strategies which include counselling, restorative meetings, mentoring, as well as various punitive measures when required. Our Senior student leaders take an active role in providing listening ears, advice and role modelling. 

Class meetings as part of our approach to ready students for the changes in NCEA we are focusing on developing Literacy and Numeracy, particularly in Year 9 and 10. These students will be the first group to be facing Literacy and Numeracy testing for NCEA when they are ready, rather than waiting to gain the Lit/Num credits through a range of subjects at Year 11 as they have done until now. The new NCEA requirements coming into effect in the next couple of years will impact on these students and so we want them to be fully prepared. We will be creating additional Literacy and Numeracy classes for next term that will focus on the basics needed to pass the tests before students hit Year 11. 

Later start for students on Thursdays. Starting this week, teachers will meet before school each Thursday morning for the remainder of this term. This is to discuss specific strategies ensuring that every student’s individual strengths and any needs requiring specific interventions are identified. To create the time needed for this, we will not require students to be at school on a Thursday until the start of period 1 (8:45). Bus students who arrive early can go to the Hall and join the breakfast club, where hot milo, cereals and toast are served. Town students can arrive a little later than usual. This is a trial for the rest of this term, specifically to address the need to prepare students for the literacy and numeracy changes. 

Successes: We have had a number of notable successes recently. Grace O’Neill, Lucy Brasell and Turongo Henare-Ruruku have successfully completed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. Zak Sattrup recently competed in the King of the Schools Motocross Championship and came first overall. Cooper Young was awarded the KAWASAKI WAIKATO TT CHAMP 2022. Congratulations to everyone.

Ngaa mihi,


3rd May 2022

Teenaa Koutou Katoa

Hoki mai ano. Welcome to Term 2. I hope that all our students, their teachers and all families have had a safe and refreshing term break and an enjoyable Easter and ANZAC holiday during that time. 

I want to acknowledge Joseph Sheen who represented our school over the holiday as a Head Student Leader. He spoke beautifully at the Civic Service on Anzac Day, this without having had any prior experience at public speaking as we have not yet been able to hold assemblies. We can also be very proud of Fabian MacRae who played the bagpipes for all 3 of the local services. 

We are fully open this term and running under Orange protocols. This means that we will maintain strong routines around hygiene and ventilation to avoid the spread of viruses. We encourage the wearing of masks indoors where possible to protect ourselves and others. We will enforce the compulsory wearing of masks on buses and in very close indoor environments such as the assembly hall. Hopefully, with vigilance, we will not have another spike in COVID numbers, but we are still experiencing both student and staff cases so must remain alert. 

As the winter weather draws nearer we need to ensure that all students are correctly clothed to keep warm. Black long-sleeved thermals are permitted to be worn beneath the uniform shirt and school jacket. Short-sleeved black or white T-shirts and singlets are also permitted if worn tucked in and tidy. Shoes can be of any type (other than boots) but must be plain black with no coloured or white markings. Hoodies are not permitted. Any uniform variation should be explained by note or email to the Deans so that they can issue a uniform pass. 

Some students have not been in regular school for quite some time, and a few are needing to remember that a school is an organisation where all need to cooperate with each other. We would like to remind all that there are expectations of students and teachers at Te Kauwhata College that are designed to allow each person to feel safe, respected and able to learn (or teach). We will uphold these expectations. 

We are closed for instruction on the 9th May – next Monday, as we are holding the first of our MOE stipulated Accord Teacher Only Days. These are intended to allow staff to prepare for the Literacy, Numeracy and Localised Curriculum changes required by the refreshed curriculum and revised NCEA.

Ngaa mihi


11th April 2022

Kia ora, 
It is pleasing to be able to say that we are getting closer to normal now in terms of student attendance (82%) but ironic that we are now already in the last week of term.   Let us hope that a 2 week term break will support health and well being so that we are all ready for full attendance and engagement in Term 2. 
All parents/caregivers will by now have received a written ‘Engagement’ report for your students along with an invitation to meet the teachers to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns that you or the teacher may have.  Please note that these meetings will take place tomorrow afternoon,   with all teachers remaining onsite to be available to meet or talk with you between 3:30pm and 6:30pm.
All physical meetings will be run under Red Health protocols,   so please do remember to wear your mask and maintain the 2m minimum physical distancing. 
We have set this time aside for communicating with parents.  Deans and SLT will also be available on site to meet if required.

Ngaa mihi,


31st March 2022

Kia ora koutou
As you all know,  the mandates around vaccinations are no longer in place for education,   which means that we can open up a little more for trips and visitors to school. The rules around mask wearing though,   do remain, which can be confusing for our students. It is probably most helpful to simply remind everyone,  that though the rules are relaxing,  Omicron has not gone away and there may still be spikes , or even a new variant to deal with as we approach the winter. Mask wearing and staying home if unwell, remain the best ongoing protections that we can use,  and are especially effective when coupled with vaccination. Our numbers of positive cases amongst students have slowed,  and our staff are mostly well and able to attend school. School has remained open and we would like to welcome more of our students back to full-time,  on-site learning.  
Please note that the MOE are no longer wanting us to support children to stay home if parents are anxious about COVID.   The dangers inherent in becoming more removed from day-to-day education are considered to be far worse than the danger of actually coming into contact with the virus at school,  where we are still taking all possible precautions.  Schools are considered,  because of the controls in place, to be safer than other public places.   From tomorrow,   the txt stream messages will resume when students are absent.   Those who are unwell can be coded for their absence as ‘M’ (medical);  those who are  staying home because of a medical vulnerability that has been explained to the school,  can be coded as ‘F’ (Learning off site); but those whose parents are reluctant to send them to school while in Red Alert,  must now be coded as ‘E’ (Explained,  but not Justified);  Any whose absence is not explained in any way must now be recorded as ‘T’ (Truant). 

click here to view further useful information.

Ngaa mihi,



23rd March 2022

Kia ora,

Our technicians and support people have worked hard to repair the various burnt out services, and we will be able to operate safely tomorrow.

However, our phone system is not yet fully functional but should be so by mid-morning. In the meantime, please avoid ringing the school until at least lunchtime. Instead, use the 
admin@tkcoll.school.nz email to contact the school, if need be, or if urgent, ring the school cellphone 027 960 1750. Thank you all for your patience and understanding. We look forward to welcoming all our students to the normal school timetable for the rest of this week. 

Staff and student illnesses are still being monitored daily and it is important to continue to let us know if your child or a household contact tests positive for Omicron , so that our data accurately reflects the situation. Our ability to remain open still depends on having fit and healthy teachers. Please do keep watching for these communications – we will let you know of any change should there be a need – hopefully not. 

Buses and lunches will be as usual. 

Ngaa mihi nui


22nd March 2022

Kia ora everyone,
Just an update, we have had experts working onsite today to try to restore our systems and some progress has been made. We will continue online learning for tomorrow for all except those few students for whom other arrangements cannot be made, as we did today. We are hoping that the systems may be operable by Thursday but will not know for sure until later tomorrow. Therefore, online learning will continue tomorrow (Wednesday) as it did today. There is a possibility that we may need to continue with this on Thursday as well. We will notify you the same way tomorrow afternoon. SLT and a few other staff will be on site to look after any students who need to attend.   

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.  


21st March 2022

Hello everybody,  

Sorry to have to inform you all,  but we suffered a lot of damage to our electronic systems today because of lightning strikes. We have no phone systems along with other electrical services.    The site is therefore unsafe until we have all these restored.   
Consequently,  in the interests of Health and safety for staff and students,  we have decided to return the whole school to 
online learning for the next 2 days,  while we work to fix everything.  It is unsafe for students to be on site.   We will keep you all updated and will open again as soon as services are restored.    
School buses will still be running for the Primary students and for those few students whose parents are unable to make other arrangements.  We will have a skeleton crew on site to manage these.   More communication will follow tomorrow,  please watch for emails,   the school website and Facebook.

18th March 2022

Kia ora whaanau Thank you for your patience and support with all the constant change associated with the management of the school during this period of dealing with Omicron.  I just want to let you all know that we are aiming to be fully open to all students for the start of next week, but we will need to continue to monitor the staffing situation daily. The whole school timetable will run on Monday and if we have sufficient teachers on board, will continue through Tuesday and Wednesday. If we have too many staff away by mid-week to continue to manage this safely, we will send the Senior students home for Thursday and /or Friday, but school should remain open for all juniors all week.  Our current roster continues tomorrow. All students will be able to attend their regular classes on Monday. We will update you all again on Monday or Tuesday afternoon.  Have a great weekend whaanau. Keep safe. Ngaa mihi Deborah

11th March 2022

Kia ora koutou
Today we have had 9 new cases of COVID. Two of these are amongst our teaching staff. We are worried that more may come down with the virus. 
We have been trying hard to keep our school open by having online learning as well as face to face teaching available to all students. We do understand how difficult this situation is for some families and would prefer to be fully open. We will not be able to sustain even the partial availability of classes if our ‘fit and healthy’ teacher numbers fall much further. We do intend to keep a roster going for next week but will be assessing the situation each day and will no longer ask our teachers to do both jobs at the same time.
On the days students are rostered for school, they will be expected to be in class with their teacher, unless unwell or needing to isolate with COVID. The ordinary class timetable will run, and teachers will ensure that online tasks are posted for those students who cannot come to school. On the days that students are rostered home there will be online tasks for them that are following on from the class teaching, but not active online presence of the teacher - as they will be covering other classes.
Since the last communication, student attendance on rostered days is low, and engagement in online learning is falling. In particular, our senior students must start to take responsibility for their learning and be engaged with their physical and virtual classes – unless of course they are sick. For this reason we are running Senior classes for 4 days next week and will rotate the following so that Years 9 and 10 get more in class time if we are needing to continue to roster home. We will , as always, cater each day for those junior students for whom at home arrangements cannot be made. 
The MOE are now expecting that all students will attend school unless as already stated – unwell or isolating. It is important to note that the updated information on the MOH COVID site is that positive cases need only isolate for 7 days and do not need to have a negative test but should be symptom free. 
Thank you for your ongoing support. 
Please find attached a copy of next week's roster
by clicking here.
Ngaa Manaakitanga

4th March 2022

Kia ora Koutou

Thank you all for sending in your updated information. Our rostered classes are working well and most of our students are so used to online learning by now that they have slipped easily into those routines, as have our teachers. The students who are attending school are getting a hybrid programme of online learning and some personal and physical interactions as well.

We do seem to have passed our peak, our case numbers are steadily dropping amongst our students, with 7 confirmed positives reported yesterday, 5 the day before, and only 2 new ones today. Many more are isolating because they are household contacts and some because they have vulnerability. Our staff who were affected are all recovered and due to return to school during the next week. We hope that there are no more infections, but only time will tell. The spread around the community of another flu type virus has complicated things, as quite a few people are experiencing severe flu symptoms, but testing negative for COVID. The bottom line is that all children, and staff, who are unwell need to stay home until symptom free, whatever the COVID test result. The risks attached to Omicron will only be much more severe if people are also exposed to another flu.

Next week we will be continuing with our roster for at least the first half of the week but are hoping to be able to return to the full timetable here in school as our teachers return from their various isolations or illnesses. We will keep you informed of any changes.

Meanwhile, as so many students are learning online, we think that it is timely to remind parents of the internet safety provisions running in the school. We are using a programme called Linewize which monitors the use of the internet by users of a school account. Please see the attachment for further information.

Have a great and healthy weekend everyone.

Kia pai too raa whakataa, noho ora mai

Ngaa manaakitanga


1st March 2022

Teenaa koutou katoa,

Just 5 more student cases reported today – maybe we have peaked already?  It is likely that with so many staying home the spread of the virus is being limited. Please do be sure to keep reporting positive tests to us as the MOE are relying on our data to inform the Health authorities about the spread of Omicron.   It will also be used to inform any further changes or supports available to school.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping children with symptoms home,  and in managing your children with online learning. We, here at the College,  are grateful to you all,  as with the smaller number of students we are able,  even with our reduced staff numbers, to manage the classes here and online effectively.   Do remember that if you are unable to make appropriate arrangements for your child,   the school remains open for all to follow the online learning programme for their class here on site.  

Some parents have asked me for help accessing the online learning.   Students need to log into their own school email and access their GOOGLE classroom. It is important to note that a parental gmail will not let them into the Google class.   We have attached a set of instructions to help with this.  If you are still stuck,  please email 
admin@tkcoll.school.nz to ask that the student’s teacher email you to help further.  
here to view these instructions.

Ngaa mihi nui,


28th February 2022

Kia ora tatou

As you all know by now, Omicron is well established here and in the Primary school as well. 
Our numbers of confirmed positive cases are now approaching 50.  Many of our students and some of our staff are isolating as household contacts.  We have 6 staff who are positive and others who are symptomatic and awaiting results.  Attendance is low among even those students who can come to school. 

We are going to move for the next 2 weeks into a hybrid model of learning that combines time 'in school' with time 'learning from home'.   We want to minimise disruption to any one group of students as much as we can,  so will be rostering home for year level groups. All learning will be online and classes will be Year Level groups except for the seniors who will remain in their usual class groups.  

In order that parents can plan supervision for Juniors,   we will be doing another day of online learning from home for our seniors tomorrow, and then rostering the Year 9s and 10s (most of whom are over 14 years of age) the next day.    Many of our Year 7 , 8 and 9 students are unwell already,  but those who are not sick or isolating, are able to attend school until Friday which will be their first rostered day off.  (See chart attached).  If child care and appropriate arrangements are not able to be made, Juniors may still attend,  and will be supervised learning online in a separate group. 

Te Kauwhata College remains open;  we are committed to minimising the disruption to our student’s learning as much as possible.   Meanwhile,  thank you all for your support.   Best wishes to all those who are unwell.   We do hope that you are all getting the support that you need.  

click here to view the Rostering Home Information.

Ngaa manaakitanga 


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25th February 2022

Teenaa koutou katoa

Thank you everyone for the patience and understanding that you have all showed and your care and consideration in protecting yourselves,  your families and each other at this time. 
We now have 
10 confirmed positive cases in the school.   2 of these are teachers,  and 2 are in the senior school. All these people are isolating , as are their household contacts. We wish them all a speedy recovery.   
Under the new Phase 3 framework,  Covid cases and their 
Household contacts are required to isolate for 10 days after the positive test.  No other contacts need to isolate,   but we will continue to inform you of the emergence of cases as they occur.   Knowledge is so much better than rumour.    Be assured that you will all know as much as I do, while protecting the privacy of individuals, which will not be breached.  If you have questions or concerns please do contact me directly.     
We are preparing for more cases, and we will all need to be very careful and watch for symptoms,  stay home if we have any, and get tested. We do know this is not always easy.   Please do understand that school is as safe as it can be. Transmission rate amongst students is apparently as low as 3.7%,  so schools are not considered to be venues for spreading the virus.  Our students are generally very good at wearing their masks and following health protocols, which are there for their protection.   Our seniors are working from home today and on Monday,  mainly because we are unable to fully staff our classes in person. 
We will reassess the situation on Monday,  and I will update you then of any decisions.  Our very best efforts will be made to keep the school open and running for all.  If this is not possible,  we may have to consider continuing to roster groups on and off.  We will always manage small bubbles for those students who need to be in school even if their year level is rostered home.   The only reason for doing this will be the shortage of teachers – hopefully,  this does not occur after next week as some begin to return from their various forms of absence that are not related to COVID,  and all our staff are vaccinated,  so should not be too badly affected.  The problem is that there are so few relievers available during this crisis.  Our teachers are posting lessons online,  as well as teaching in person.   This hybrid model will continue next week.   
Keep safe and try not to worry,  but to enjoy the summer sun over the weekend.   
Kia pai too raa whakataa

24th February 2022

Teenaa koutou katoa, 

I am sorry for the proliferation of emails,  but this Covid is a moving beast;  the rules are changing hourly,  and sadly we do now have Covid in our school community.   We can expect an upsurge of cases over the next few days.   It is important that we all remember that a virus strikes quickly and indiscriminately.   We cannot lay blame anywhere,  just do what we can to lessen the impact.  Wearing masks,  washing hands, keeping our windows open ,  maintaining physical distance are all effective ways to avoid the virus. The biggest protection is a vaccination,  but that remains a personal choice for families. Please do remind your children that it is not important to know who has been unlucky enough to pick up the virus,  and it is very important not to lay blame anywhere. This is a world-wide problem that we have been lucky to be able to avoid until now. 

Here at college, as well as some students testing positive, we have several of our teachers isolating and some unwell for other non-covid reasons. We are under considerable pressure to manage our regular timetabled classes effectively and safely.  As a result,  all classes will move to a hybrid model of learning for the next few days.  We are open as a school,  but lessons are available online for those who prefer at this point to remain home.  
We are moving our seniors into online learning for the next 2 school days because they do not legally require adult supervision at home.  On Monday we will reassess and if necessary, we may roster other year levels off for some or the remainder of the week.    Currently we have created ‘bubbles’ around the junior classes that have had cases confirmed,  to limit the spread. We do need to remain vigilant,  even though the virus can be very mild, especially in children, to protect those in our community who may be more vulnerable than others.   
Many of you will have seen that at midnight we move to Phase 3 of the Red Framework.    I have not yet had the MOE guidance around this,  but my best guess is that we will no longer have to isolate if we are close contacts – only if we are Household contacts of a confirmed case.  As soon as I have further guidance,  I will inform everyone of any change.  I will do a daily update, so please do check emails.   
Here at the college 
we now have 5 confirmed cases. I am told that we can expect that number to at least triple.  Hopefully, the illness for all who get it,  is mild and they all recover quickly. Our best wishes are with them all.
Here is a reminder of the symptoms  to watch for:

Symptoms of COVID-19

A new or worsening cough
Sneezing and runny nose
A fever
Temporary loss of smell or altered sense of taste
Sore throat
Shortness of breath
Less common symptoms include diarrhoea, headache, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, malaise, chest pain, abdominal pain, joint pain, or confusion/irritability.
For more information, go to covid19.govt.nz/health-and-wellbeing/about-covid-19/covid-19-symptoms/
Noho ora mai
Stay safe

24th February 2022

Kia ora whaanau
Omicron has found us. Due to the pressure on our staffing in this current Covid outbreak we will be asking senior students to remain home and study online tomorrow and Monday. 
School is open,  and safe,  but we are low on staff.  Senior students may come into school if they wish ,  but they will be learning independently,  as we reallocate our staffing resources.   All lessons will be delivered online.  Students have been told to collect a device today if they need one.  They should be able to return to onsite learning on Tuesday next week.    Meanwhile,  please do monitor for symptoms and keep anyone home who has them.  Note that testing is only available to symptomatic individuals. 

Symptoms of COVID-19

A new or worsening cough
Sneezing and runny nose
A fever
Temporary loss of smell or altered sense of taste
Sore throat
Shortness of breath
Less common symptoms include diarrhoea, headache, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, malaise, chest pain, abdominal pain, joint pain, or confusion/irritability.
For more information, go to covid19.govt.nz/health-and-wellbeing/about-covid-19/covid-19-symptoms/

23rd February 2022

Kia ora koutou,

The health and wellbeing of our children, staff and community is a top priority.
We’re sending this letter as there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in our school community. The student was present in school up until the 18
th Feb (last Friday). This student was likely to have been infectious during the previous week.
We are working to identify close contacts and they will all be notified this evening. These are all asked to stay home, isolate and get tested. Please keep checking your emails.
The school will remain open tomorrow, and will run as normal, but we have limited staff available, as several are also isolating and testing. If you are nervous about sending your child to school, and you have appropriate care arrangements in place, you may choose to keep your child home. Online learning will be available for those who stay home.

We will inform you further as we know more in the morning.

Noho ora mai,

Deborah Hohneck

18th February 2022

Updated information regarding Paid Union Meeting 
This will be held at school from 1.00pm – 3.00pm Wednesday 23 February 2022.  Paid union meetings are part of the collective contract and the Board is required to provide time for staff to attend.
Almost all of our teachers are members of the PPTA and they will not be available for teaching duties on that afternoon.  The school will not be closed but Period 4 and 5 lessons will not run. The Huntly and Meremere buses will leave school at 12.10pm but all other buses will leave at the normal time of 3pm. 
We will have a small number of teachers here to provide supervision for those students who are unable to be collected from school at this time and who will need to stay until 3.00pm. These students must report to the hall at 12.50pm and will be released at the normal time for buses. They will not be permitted to leave school.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused and ask for your understanding in this matter.

10th February 2022

Teenaa koutou Katoa Thank you for sending your students to school equipped with masks for protection and thank you to the students for persevering with wearing them. We are endeavouring to keep school as normal as possible within the COVID RED framework. We want to continue to operate as fully as possible and avoid closures if we can.  If your child happens to be unwell please do keep them home. If they have flu-like symptoms, please get a covid test and keep them at home until there they return a negative test result.  If there is a positive result, then all members of the household must isolate. Please check the COVID website for guidance and ring the Healthline if in doubt. Please also check our website for the MOE updates. Thank you to all parents who are taking sensible precautions to keep our school safe. As the MOE have pointed out, schools in themselves, are places where there is low likelihood of transmission, so it is safe to send your ‘well’ children to school. By working together on this we will keep the school a safe place.  Household members of Close Contacts We have just been informed of a policy change around household members of Close Contacts. Previously, people that live with a Close Contact have had to isolate until the Close Contact returned a negative 5 Day test. We have been informed by both our National Office and the Waikato DHB that this will no longer be required in our region and that household members do not need to isolate and can continue working, attending school etc. This change is effective immediately so if you have families that have been affected by this you should notify them straight away. Please note, this only applies to those who live with a Close Contact, People who live with a Confirmed Case are Close Contacts themselves and will need to isolate and be tested. A half day on the 23rd February 

We have been informed by the PPTA that there will be a Paid Union Meeting on the afternoon of the 23rd of February. Because nearly all our staff are members of this union and they are obliged to attend the meeting, this school will be closed for instruction from 12:10 onwards. The buses will still run as normal as the Primary schools are unaffected. School lunches will still be available for those students present for the morning. Ngaa mihi Deborah Hohneck

2nd February 2022

Teenaa Koutou Katoa,

Just a quick update on some things that people are asking questions about: Please be aware that official advice is changing daily. We will keep students and whaanau informed accordingly.

*  Masks – All students at college must wear a mask while indoors.   They do not need to be worn when exercising or eating. The requirement to wear a mask is enacted in law. An exemption may be accepted from approved sources e.g. Dr.   These must be displayed by way of clip or lanyard worn outside the clothing. If you have any concerns regarding mask exemptions, please contact the school.

*  Physical Distance must be maintained.  

*  Hand sanitising must be frequent

*  No non–essential visitors can be on-site and all adults must present their vaccination passes for checking when signing in.

All of these controls are designed to keep us all safe.  Please help us to keep our school open by observing the rules and encouraging students to do so too.

 *  Poowhiri for new students tomorrow

This will now take place virtually.   Students will remain in their mentor rooms while this happens.

Given the increase in cases associated with Soundsplash, the Ministry of Health advises all attendees to get a test if they have not already done so. If you attended the festival, please get a test as soon as possible. If you return a positive result, please make contact via email, at principal@tkcoll.school.nz or phone the school office at 07 8263715 so that we can work with you to organise how best to start your school year.

Deborah Hohneck

1st February 2022

Free and Healthy School lunches will again be available for all students.  

There are some changes though.  School lunches will be served at lunchtime, and will be prepared onsite, by our own catering team, who have taken over the Ministry contract from Libelle Foods - the previous providers. Lunches will be served at lunchtime rather than at interval as they were last year.  A breakfast club will also run before school for those students who need food earlier in the day,   and fruit and snacks will be available at interval.   For the first summer term the meals are likely to be cold foods,  (salads,  sandwiches, wraps etc) menus be published later and will all meet the Ministry guidelines for Healthy lunches.  Students will be informed of all the changes on the first day of school.

26th January 2022

Start of Year 2022

Kei aku nui, kei aku rahi, teenaa koutou katoa i roto i ngaa aahuatanga o te waa.
Welcome back after what we hope has been a wonderful summer for your whaanau.
School opens for all students on Thursday February 3rd
The start of school for new students and parents will be a little different this year under Red Covid Alert. We have already had to make changes to our plans for the start of year for staff and students as we have moved fully into the new traffic light framework for all our school and kura activities and events until further notice. While it is very disappointing that we had to cancel the Year 13 Leadership camp, it is good to know that at Red setting, we should be able to support everyone learning onsite.
Poowhiri for new students under RED
We cannot gather our students in groups larger than 100, and we cannot bring visitors onto the school site, so there will not be our usual whole school poowhiri that is open to whanau. We will instead welcome our new students with a powhiri that is for the new students only and some selected representatives from the school. Whanau may drop their students off at the main entrance, please, no later than 840am. We will have Deans and some senior students available to escort small groups.
All students
All students will gather on the school field in Year level groups. In the event of wet weather, the various year groups will be distributed between several covered venues. From there they will all be sent to Mentor classes and then the new students will attend an outdoor poowhiri. Our staff, senior students and Te Puawai classes will ensure that correct tikanga is observed and all are properly welcomed. All returning students will remain in Mentor class while the Poowhiri proceeds.
While we know that this might be stressful for many parents, particularly those whose Year 7 children are new here, and who would like to bring their child to see them settled in class, we cannot allow that under Red. Please trust that we will take the best possible care to make the first day a good one for all students. By working together to take all possible precautions hopefully we can avoid further school closures.
Another unfortunate by product of the Covid crisis is the delay in various supply chains. We are aware that our uniform supplier -Argyle, has been unable to supply some items. We do want students at school, and would prefer that you send them in tidy mufty rather than keep them home because of a lack of uniform. Plain dark shorts or skirt and a plain white or grey tee shirt will suffice until uniform arrives. Just give your child a note for the Deans to issue a temporary uniform pass.
Health protocols
Please note that as well as keeping adults off site, we will be following all other required Health protocols. This means that we will be physically distancing; sanitizing; contact tracing; keeping groups small; and everyone at college will be required to wear a mask while indoors. Masks are annoying but are a requirement of the government. If students turn up at school without a mask, they will be sent home and asked not to return the next day without one. Please do not expect the school to supply masks as we have not had these provided to us. We will put some helpful information from the Ministry on our website regarding masks and keeping safe.
Although this is all quite unsettling, we have been in similar situations before, and our students and teachers have coped brilliantly. We will do so again with everyone’s support and cooperation.

Please click this
link to the advice from the Ministry of Education on face masks and vaccinations.

Ngaa manaakitanga,
Deborah Hohneck

15th December 2021

Mookori ano kia rere a mihi kia koutou katoa.

As Term 4 draws to a close we look back at a year like no other!

2021 has been a rocky one for everyone, but we have achieved a lot.

The silver lining to the COVID Cloud, is that students have had to develop independence and resilience, which will stand them in good stead wherever they go. We have all, parents and teachers as well as students, had to learn how to navigate our work and communications in a digital way.

We look forward to several new initiatives for next year. One exciting development is an inaugural Bi-lingual class as part of our Year 7/8 programme. There will be an opening ceremony for this unit on the 1
st of February. We look forward to welcoming all our new students and reconnecting with current ones at our whole school poowhiri on the 3rd of February.

The border between Auckland and Waikato has gone! All the very best for a safe and happy Covid-free Christmas and a wonderful summer break to everyone.

Here’s to opening up for the whole school on the 3
rd of February 2022.

Mere Kirihimete


Deborah Hohneck

14th December 2021

Kia ora tatou, 
here to be redirected to the page where you will find all the prize giving presentation videos.

The Year 13 presentation video has now been uploaded along with the award ceremony live stream recording (please note the live stream starts after 1 minute 50 seconds).

Please note the key dates for Term 1 2022 have been updated on this page.

8th December 2021

Kia ora tatou, 
here to be redirected to the page where you will find all the prize giving presentation videos. Please note that the Year 13 videos will only be available after the Leavers' Dinner.

You can view the Year 13 Leavers' Dinner Award
Ceremony via the following details:

Year 13 Leavers' Dinner Ceremony

Date: Dec 9, 2021
05:30 PM Auckland, Wellington
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 853 8852 9185
Passcode: 5HCqGg

Ngaa mihi nui,
Te Kauwhata College

18th November 2021

Kia ora tatou, 
The college senior students have finished classes today. For most of them, there is only an exam or two to sit, or possibly an assessment to hand in. I want to thank our seniors for the way that they have managed themselves during this very disrupted year, and particularly the way that they have complied with all our rules around safety. We also wish them all the best for their exams, the holiday break and for those leaving, for their futures.    
Next week we are open for our Juniors. We want people to feel that it is safe to send children to school.  If seniors are on site for exams or tutorials, they will be kept separated from the junior students, except on the buses, which will be running as normal. Please note that masks are required by all students on the bus, unless they have a doctor’s certificate granting medical exemption.  Although advisable, these are not compulsory in school.  
Although we are open, and encourage students to attend, we do respect the decision of parents who choose not to send their children. If you let us know that your child will be continuing to learn from home, (thank you to those who have already informed us of this), we will code their attendance as ‘offsite learning’. Some online learning will be available, and The Ministry have assured me that they are chasing the hard pack learning resources, which should arrive any day. If students do not attend and we have not heard from parents, we will of course, in the interests of safety, be sending the text stream messages as a reminder. We do not want to assume a student is learning from home if you have in fact sent them and they have not arrived.  
Lunches are again being provided for all students.  
Te Kauwhata College Prizegivings for 2021 
As a school, we have had to decide how we will deliver our prizegivings this year due to Covid, the ever-changing alert levels, and risks associated with large gatherings. Our decision is that we will create Prizegiving Presentations for Years 7 – 12. There will be one presentation for each year level. A Sports Awards presentation will also be created to celebrate the achievements of our students who have been involved in sports at Te Kauwhata College this year. 
The Year 11 and 12 Presentations will be made available to view on our school website from the 26
th November and the Year 7, 8, 9 & 10 Presentations will be available to view from the 8th December. The Sports Awards presentation will be available to view from the 26th November also. 
Students who have won awards will be able to come into school on the 9
th & 10th of December to collect their certificates and medals. If they have won a cup, they will have their photo taken with it. Photos of students with their awards will be published on our school website.  
If your child is a prize winner and you do not wish for your child’s photo to appear on the website, please contact the school prior to them coming in on the 9
th & 10th December. 
Year 13 Award Evening 
We wanted to do something special for our Year 13 students. In order to recognise the achievements of our Year 13 graduates, an evening at our local café ‘Kiki’ has been organised for the 9
th December starting at 5:00pm. A prizegiving ceremony will take place first followed by a meal. Certificates, medals and cups will be awarded and the Dux for 2021 will be announced. Year 13 students and their whaanau will be invited to attend this evening. More details regarding this evening will be sent out soon. 

16th November 2021

Kia ora koutou,

As you will all have heard by now, Waikato moves back to Level 2 tomorrow, which means that this school can manage a transitioned re-opening open to all, under L2 protocols. I have taken MOE advice on this. They are as surprised as the rest of us at the sudden shift down a level and have assured me that our focus for the returning Juniors must be on their safety and wellbeing. As you know, we do still have our seniors on site until Friday. With this in mind and in the interests of the health and safety of all,  those parents who have no choice (as at Level 3) can, if necessary, send their children to school from tomorrow, but for the safety of all the younger children, it would be wisest to keep them home until Monday when there will only be juniors in classes and we can focus on the safety and welfare of these students. 

Obviously,  once we are open to all,  we want to encourage all to attend, and reassure whanau that school is safe.  If you are happy to keep your juniors at home until Monday as per the previous plan, we will be happy to support them with online learning (the promised hard packs have still not arrived but may yet do so). From Monday, there will be an expectation that students attend, unless you have communicated with the school. In Level 2,  the school is back to near normal, just without assemblies,  trips, visitors, or special events. It also means that masks are recommended indoors and required on buses.  

School lunches will be available from Monday. Libelle lunches are not available this week for junior students on such short notice. Parents planning to return children to school tomorrow must send them with a packed lunch. We will keep you updated on this.

Senior exams will be proceeding and the usual rules will prevail around juniors keeping away from the Hall area. 

For those Junior students whose parents do not wish them to return on Monday, we will provide the hard packs when they do arrive. Teachers will all be busy with face-to-face teaching once more, so there will be less provided online. We will ask that all devices are returned to school with the child. 

The wearing of masks under Level 2 is recommended, but not required – except on the bus or other public transport.  Drinking fountains are available; Sport activities within school can go ahead as they did in term 2; Physical distancing should still be maintained as far as is reasonably possible. Sanitising of hands and cleansing of shared gear will continue. No visitors, including parents will be permitted onsite until further notice.  

Should there be further information that comes to me from MOE I will let you all know as soon as possible. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding with this. We want to do the best for all our students.

Ngaa mihi nui,

Deborah Hohneck

12th November 2021

Kia ora koutou, 

I want to begin by congratulating our senior students for their attendance and compliance with all our protocols during these last few weeks. We asked them to wear masks; to remain on site; to focus on their academic chances; and to eat the school lunches and dispose of rubbish appropriately.  They have done so brilliantly.  We want to allow them now the best opportunity for success in their external examinations and wish them all the very best.   
We are spreading our junior student attendance out to be assured that we can properly physically space them in classrooms.  Schools have been left to determine what works best for them and their communities.   Because we are Year 7 to 13 and because so many of our students arrive by bus,  we cannot accommodate them all and abide by the rules without doing it this way.  We have also tried to consider some consistency for families,  particularly those who have children in many levels and in both the Primary school and the college.  
By having roughly half of our whole junior school population in each day, we are trying to be fair to all,  and also ensuring that the physical distancing that we do in the classroom is not jeopardised by crowding on the bus – where,  there are no actual spacing rules 
(buses will run as normal, though masks must be worn on the bus).
Online learning will continue as it has done, though the teachers may not be able to spend as much time online given that they will have students physically present as well. 
I am not able to share details of our student vaccination numbers because of privacy, although we do continue to gather that data,  in case it is needed by Public Health.  If you have not yet responded to our vaccination survey, please do so as soon as possible.  
On their return to school,   we ask that our juniors follow the same rules as we have had in place for our seniors - so that we can keep everyone safe. 
All students will be required to wear masks,  on the bus and in the classroom.  
Physical distance will be maintained in the classrooms and encouraged out of doors as well. 
School lunches will be available, food must not be shared and any uneaten must be placed in the bins provided.  All students will remain on site and there will be no visitors.  

Any students failing to comply with these requirements may be asked to return to offsite learning. 
We will aim to make the return to school as enjoyable as possible,  while also trying to ensure some academic catch up.  Therefore, we will not be running junior Exams and instead will be doing diagnostic formative evaluations to help us do our best for all students at the start of 2022.  In addition,  reporting will be different this year - I have copied below a comment from my DP in charge of reporting.  

Year 7 -10 students will receive a report on the 30
th November either by email or mail. Due to the lockdowns in the second half of the year, teachers will be reporting on the core subject areas (English, Social Studies, Maths, Science and Physical Education). Where appropriate, grades will be given for units of work or teachers will use overall teacher judgement to give an indication of progress using Above, At or Below. Teachers will also indicate progress using the Key Competencies (Managing Self, Relating to Others, Thinking, Using Language Symbols and Texts, Participating and Contributing). There will be time following the reports going out for parents to get in touch with teachers either by email, phone or zoom meetings if they wish to discuss anything about their child’s report. 

Ngaa mihi,


25th October 2021

Kia ora koutou,

During the last week we have seen our senior students return to school. All workers on the site have had to provide proof of their negative Covid test and vaccination status. We had everyone masked and following full L3 safety protocols so that we could focus on doing the best we can to support those senior students returning to school, to engage in face-to-face learning and interacting safely with their peers. 106 students attended and were responsible and mature in their acceptance of the need for safety measures and for a strong focus on academic progress. Many schools have not been able to open at all, or only in very limited ways, so we are delighted that so many are attending, and with the way that everyone is pulling together at Te Kauwhata College. Each week we wait for the Ministerial announcements and hope for a return to normality, and our hearts sink every time we see positive Covid cases climbing in the NZ community. This last week we have learned that our junior students will not return to school, in person, any earlier than the 15th of November. Even after that there is likely to be some form of staggered return. This may be partly because of the link to the requirement for all staff to be vaccinated by that date, in order to keep the vulnerable under 12s safe, but also because of the proximity to senior exams. The reasoning behind keeping the Year 9 and 10 students away as well is so that the numbers on site are kept as low as possible while senior students are given the maximum chance of success. This may all change once the NCEA exams begin. Therefore, to try to give some certainty, my own belief is that all families of students in Years 7 - 10, will need to settle in for another longish haul of online and distant learning from home - unless there is a drop down to Level 2 for Te Kauwhata. We are promised firmer guidance on this in the coming week. The only junior students who can attend school in Level 3 are those who were already attending. We cannot have any explosion of numbers now, because the opening up for seniors is based on the number of people who can safely be on site. We are not allowed to permit juniors and seniors to mix at school - even though some may have ridden on a school bus together. This does make managing the separate Junior/Senior Bubbles a challenge.  We do also have the option of Hard Packs provided by the MOE now, as well as Online learning, so we will be ordering as many of these as we can, in the coming week, for those who need or prefer them. We know that the appetite for online learning amongst our juniors is waning, and it has been hard for our juniors to maintain focus particularly after the 'holiday ' break. As teachers, we do all understand how hard all this is for parents, who are also struggling with their own lock down problems, and we at school, are trying to find ways to reconnect with and enthuse our distant students.  Thank you to all those students and whaanau persevering from home. Thank you to our seniors, who are maintaining and following our safety protocols. Please continue to do so, to keep each other safe, and to protect the opportunity that you all have in attending school in person. Please remember that all the rules extend to the school buses.  Kia kaha everyone. Deborah Hohneck Principal

26th October 2021

Kia ora koutou,

Tomorrow, all our senior students are able to return to the school site, regardless of where they live. All Junior students, Years 7 – 10 will continue with online learning, apart from those very few who have already been attending at Level 3. These students will be separated from the seniors. 

I am just writing to hopefully reassure you all that we have safety plans in place as required by the MOH and MOE, and to let you know some of the protocols that we will need to follow.

Under the L3 Protocols we will ensure that we are sanitising hands on entry to classrooms; wearing masks (please ensure students have their own appropriate mask to wear - this will be a requirement of students and staff in classrooms and on the bus); ensuring that there are no large gatherings; maintaining physical distance wherever reasonably practicable; keeping the rooms ventilated, and so on. The requirements for L3 will be posted on classroom walls and in our work spaces. 

No visitors will be allowed on site. No students will be permitted to leave the site. Parents collecting students or similar will be required to sign/scan in and stay outside the main entrance. We will make the rules clear to students. The purpose of allowing them to attend school in person is to help them to achieve their academic goals. Socialising is not the reason for coming, but we understand that they will want to connect with their friends. Outside, physically distant, at lunchtime and interval is the time for this. Libelle lunches will be available at lunchtime.

We will assess how things go tomorrow and create a register of attending students. If necessary, I can choose to close again, or to stagger attendance. I do not want to do that unless needed, because it does create extra stress on everyone. We will need full compliance from our students if we are to remain open, so, to keep everybody safe, if any students do not comply with any of our Public Health measures they may be asked not to come in again.

All our staff attending tomorrow are negative tested and most are already vaccinated. 

Tomorrow morning students will go to their mentor classes, and then to their regular timetabled classes. 

Thank you for your patience and perseverance with online learning, we hope to return to Level 2 soon, and to have all our students back on site.  Meanwhile, stay safe.

Noho ora mai,


25th October 2021

Kia ora koutou,

On Saturday night, the MOH announced that all senior students will be permitted to attend school in person, even if that means crossing a Levels border. 

It would be advisable to carry some form of student ID if travelling by car.

Please see this
link for the full announcement from the MOH.

Buses will run as per normal and students aged under 12 are not required to wear face coverings on school transport.

Please note

Providing face coverings is the responsibility of individuals and caregivers. Transport providers are not required to have face coverings available for student use.

All drivers must wear a face covering on school transport services unless they have an exemption. Information on face covering exemptions can be found on the COVID-19 
To request an Exemption Card, please contact the Disabled Persons Assembly NZ on 04 801 9100 or 

Ngaa mihi nui,

22nd October 2021

Kia ora koutou,

As I am sure you are all aware, a ruling has been made that we will indeed, remain at Alert Level 3 Lockdown next week. Sadly, that means that the 'holiday' we had scheduled for Tuesday becomes a moot point, absorbed as were the term holidays, into staying home.

Senior students, and those few juniors already attending under Level 3 rules, can attend school from Wednesday 27th October. Unfortunately, juniors will remain at home learning online, for at least another week.

All teachers will be present in school, and we encourage senior students to attend, to complete assessments and prepare as best they can for NCEA Exams starting 22nd November.

A Google form, along with a privacy statement, will be sent out to all parents next week so that we can gather data on student vaccination status. As previously stated, vaccination of those over 12 years old is recommended but is still a matter of individual choice.

Please also note that the school lunches will not be available until midday as they are coming from Hamilton during this Level 3. Students may wish to bring food for interval.

Ngaa mini nui,

21st October 2021

Kia ora koutou,
senior students (that is Years 11 – 13 ) will be expected to come into school in person, on Wednesday 27th October – regardless of the Level we are in.  All teachers will be on site. 
If we move to 
Level 2, all students will be able to attend school on Wednesday.  Tuesday remains a holiday as per our year calendar.  
Ngaa mihi,

18th October 2021

Kia ora koutou,

The college is open at Level 3 which means online learning continues for most students and teachers.   We will be waiting for the announcement this afternoon before arranging for any distribution of devices – apart from senior NCEA students,  who can come in from tomorrow to collect a suitable device if they need one. 

An announcement regarding Junior students and issuing of devices will be made tomorrow if we remain in Level 3.  School will not open at Level 2 until Wednesday at the earliest, only if we are able to drop down a Level at midnight tonight.  We have been given 48 hours to prepare,  but if we have not distributed devices,  we will be able to open sooner, especially since we have an extra day off at Labour weekend.      

Deborah Hohneck

14th October 2021

MOE Guidance RE: Start of Term at Level 3 
Teenaa koutou katoa,
I hope that all our students and their whaanau have been able to get some quality relaxation over the term break.  We were all looking forward to being able to open again in Term 4 at Alert Level 2, with everyone on site, but alas that is not to be. Remaining at Level 3 for Monday means that the school is not open except to the very few children of essential workers – as the last time we were at Level 3. Online teaching and learning will continue, and my team and I will be using Monday to prepare for whichever eventuality we face on Tuesday. We will not know more until then, but please be assured I will let everyone know as soon as I do, what is in store for us.   
Please enjoy the weekend ahead and  meanwhile, please find below the guidance that I have been sent by the MOE.  
As you know, Government made the early decision to shift our region to Alert Level 3 while health authorities quickly track down contacts, and test and isolate confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our community. Yesterday, Minister Hipkins confirmed we will remain at this level for a further five days until 11.59pm Monday 18 October. 
At Alert Level 3 you legally must stay within your household bubble unless for essential personal movement, including going to work and going to school.  
We are therefore open on Monday for only the small number of children who need to attend. All our usual safety precautions for Alert Level 3 will be in place which include following all the recommendations from the public health experts. 
This means we will regularly clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces, encourage everyone to frequently wash their hands and cover their coughs and sneezes, and keep everyone physically distanced from others as much as possible (one metre inside and two metres outside). We will also keep school bubbles to no more than 10 students. These bubbles will not mix with other bubbles. 
Face masks
Students in Years 9-13 are also now required to wear face coverings when at school in Alert Level 3, as are the staff. Face coverings are now also required to be worn on school transport for students in Years 9-13.  
Our contact tracing systems will be in place, which includes our attendance register and visitor register, and we will be limiting staff onsite with the majority of our team working from home.  
You can also assist everyone’s safety by keeping your child at home if they are feeling unwell and please do contact your GP or Healthline, to seek advice about getting tested.  
Our staff on-site will have been tested for COVID-19 before they get back to work and we are moving toward having 100% of our staff vaccinated – so we are all playing our part in keeping our community safe.  
It is also now legally required that we hold a COVID-19 vaccination register for all eligible students and staff.  
If we were to have a case of COVID-19 in our school, public health authorities will want to know if we are a school with a high vaccination rate. This information will then be used as part of the local health authority’s risk assessment.  The more highly vaccinated we are (staff and eligible students), the less likely it will be that we will have to close down for a long period of time, or we might not need to close at all. 
We will therefore need to know if your child has had their first or second vaccine dose or is exempted from being vaccinated. This information will be held by us in accordance with the Privacy Act and will only be shared with public health authorities. 
We are therefore getting our data collection system in place and will get in touch with you again very soon.   
We will continue to support all children who remain learning from home, through our distance learning programme. 
While we know how difficult it is trying to work from home as well as support your child’s learning, please keep your child at home if there is an appropriate carer available. For those of you who are essential workers,  and who have no other option, we look forward to seeing your child at school next week., under the same guidelines as last time. Please contact the school by emailing admin@tkcoll.school.nz if you need to send your child to school, unless you have already done so. If your child needs a bus service,  please visit the Waikare Bus Network website to register. Please provide your child with a mask – to be worn on the bus and at school. 
We are proud of how our community has responded to this outbreak, but the mahi isn’t yet done. Please continue to follow all the alert level requirements including staying at home, getting tested for COVID-19 if you are feeling unwell, and for your own sake and for the health of your whaanau, please get vaccinated. I’ve included some information about vaccinations to support decision making. 
These are the very best things we can do to keep our community as safe as possible and get everyone back to school. 
Ngaa mihi nui, 
Deborah Hohneck 

1st October 2021

Kia ora i te whaanau

I want to begin by thanking everyone for all their hard work, patience, and resilience over the last term. It is such a pity that disruption and crisis has become almost expected for schools and businesses. It is not forgotten by us, how hard it also is for families - especially those locked down juggling essential work and childcare or supervising sometimes resentful teenagers working online. 

The way ahead for our college next term will be to continue with the Level 2 protocols,  which will mean, by and large, no trips,  or visits, in or out of school.  We will need to focus on teaching and learning and getting our students to the point that they need to be at in preparation for their following year.  


I need to address this issue as I have had several enquiries from parents and have now had some information from the Ministry of Education. 

As a school, we are a government organisation, and staff are all civil servants. As such, we take orders from those higher in the government hierarchy. (That is why I am writing this from a distance). As a school we do not have any role in mandating vaccination for our staff or students. I am not going to ask anyone their vaccination status,  though my personal preference would be that we are all safe. If any mandate should happen, it will come as a government decree.  But let me impress - that has not happened,   and there is no indication from any official source,  that it will.

We will take our lead on vaccination protocols or rules,  from the Ministry of Health and the Minister of Education.  At this point in time the directive on this at least, is clear.  We are to be supportive and encouraging of vaccinations, but we have no role in compunction.  If we are asked by our local health provider to make our premises available for vaccination of students and community, we are to do so - but again, vaccination is still an individual choice, which must be respected.  If vaccinations of students on site occur,  it will be with full information offered to whaanau and will only occur if consent is given. They would be conducted in the same way that happens now for the various vaccinations done by the Public Health Nurses.   
It may be that TK Health will offer them to our students, in our hall,  level by level,  and whaanau members will be encouraged to make use of this as well. That is all still a 'may be',  but there are strong indications from the Minister of Education that it is likely and should be supported. None of this will happen without our whole school community being fully informed.

The border

As you will have seen,  the Auckland border will remain in place. This creates issues for all our families living on the northern side of that arbitrary line. I am still actively engaging in trying to find solutions for these students.  Without a lot of traction I admit, but I am still trying. 

Please all, take a break over the school holiday if you can. Some students may need to complete some studies,  but everyone needs to take some time out and right now, looking after the health and well-being of each one of us is the most important thing to do. Take stock, look at the trees budding green, the spring blossoms all around, and know that the sun will be shining soon.  

Hoping to see everybody back at school next term. 

Ngaa mihi nui,


22nd September 2021

Kia ora tatou
I am writing to summarise our position this week and next regarding Alert Levels.  
Te Kauwhata remains at Level 2. This means that school is open and safe for all those who live in that Level.   Unfortunately, as a 'border school' this impacts on some of our staff and students who cannot yet attend school.   We have 6 teachers and a principal who have all been repeatedly denied travel passes.   We have a reasonable number of students who cannot cross the border - even those who live right on it and do not need to pass through a check point,   cannot come to school. These decisions are made by the Ministry of Health and are upheld by the police.  The Ministry of Education has little influence on these decisions and a school principal has none.

The recent outbreak in Whakatiwai has meant that our area is under tight scrutiny.  The area in North Hauraki affected has been placed in Level 3 along with the rest of Auckland,  and there is no leeway given for anyone in our school community to cross the border for education purposes.  It is important to let everyone know, that we are following these protocols as stipulated, to reassure everyone in the Level 2 zone that we are keeping our school safe. 
Online learning continues for those either Locked Down, immuno-compromised or otherwise unsafe.  Please do send your children to school in all other cases if you are in Level 2. If you are in Level 3, please continue with online schooling and do not hesitate to get in touch with the teachers directly if worried - this is particularly important for the senior students. Unfortunately,  the rules around allowing children of essential workers to attend school at Level 3 only apply if the school is also in Level 3.  These children still cannot cross the border - the border trumps all else.  I have checked this out exhaustively. I doubt that there will be any change and just hope that we make Level 2 in time for the holidays.  
I am so sorry that we are in this difficult situation, it is hard on everybody,  and is none of our doing.    All we can do is try to manage as best we can,  keep communicating,   keep patient and tolerant and try to be supportive of each other.   It is more important than ever to remember to keep kind. Be assured that I continue to advocate on behalf of all our students.   
Ngaa mihi 
Deborah Hohneck 

21st September 2021

Te Kauwhata College remains open at Alert Level 2. All safety protocols are being adhered to. The outbreak in northern Hauraki does not affect this,   however,   for families in or near the new outbreak,   please see the advice on the MoH website as listed here.  

If you are unsure,  or nervous about sending your child to school,  please be assured that if you wish to keep them home,   online learning will remain in place.  

click here to view the information from the MoE.

15th September 2021

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9th September 2021

Kia ora e te whaanau,

Welcome back to Level 2.  

Essentially, it is school as usual for us in Te Kauwhata,   except that we follow the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education guidelines for this Alert Level.  

  • Face coverings are not mandated for use when in schools.
    However, the Director-General of Health strongly encourages staff and students aged 12 and above to wear face coverings in secondary school settings to align with the requirements when out and about and indoor public places.

  • This is not a requirement for anyone in a school setting.

    It remains an option for individuals and a decision for the individuals and whaanau. Whatever decisions students and teachers make, it is their own to make and needs to be respected.  Where an individual chooses to use a face-covering they should supply and wear their own, and 
    to do so safely. This option applies to younger children too.

  • Face coverings

    Face coverings are not required on school transport – this includes charter buses hired by the school to transport students and staff. Face coverings are recommended for children aged 12+, as they are for attending school.

    Anyone who chooses to wear a face-covering in any setting should be supported to do so. Face coverings are not required on school buses because schools know who is on school transport and have good systems in place to identify potential close contacts.

    Any student who is unwell should not travel on a school or public bus

As a school,  we are considered one big bubble,  on buses as well at school,  so is safe to congregate.  To keep us all as safe as possible,   we recommend wearing of masks. Importantly,  as a school, we will do all we can to protect our bubble by maintaining distances as much as possible and limiting movements on and off the school site.  Therefore, all trips and visits are cancelled until further notice.  We will use the same protocols as we did in Level 2 last time to keep everyone safe, with some additional safeguards. 

Ngaa mihi nui,

Deborah Hohneck

6th September 2021

Teenaa Koutou katoa

Thank you to everyone, staff, students and whaanau for perseverance through the Level 4 and Level 3 Lock Downs. I have some important announcements that I will keep as brief as possible.    

School is open on Thursday
Everyone south of the border at Mercer can celebrate a shift on Wednesday morning to Level 2, which means that school will reopen for all those who live south of the border, on Thursday. Those who live on the other side remain at Level 4 and will continue in online learning. 
Students are all able to attend school on Thursday morning - buses will run as usual and school lunches will be supplied. Other details will be communicated as we get further guidance from the Ministries of Health and Education.

School is closed Wednesday
Schools have all been given 48hrs to prepare for this, so Te Kauwhata College staff will come into school on Wednesday on a 
Teacher Only Day to do this preparation. It is important that we prepare the school properly to keep everyone safe. Some of that preparation will be restoring school devices to their usual functions,  so if you are able to drop your child's school device off at school ahead of Thursday, that would be very helpful. Early return will ensure that the classrooms are functioning when students return. Otherwise please be sure that students bring their school device and charger back in with them. Other preparation will involve the teachers being able to meet in their departments to plan the way ahead for their students. There will be no timetabled classes operating online on Wednesday. 

Teacher contact with home - including Senior reports
Online learning will continue for those across the border and some others unable to attend school,  as it did last time.  Teachers will continue to communicate with whanau using a range of options.  Particularly the mid-year senior report will be done differently this year.  We would normally already be well into writing these reports but given that the lock down has disrupted this process, and that there has been a lot of change we have decided that the teachers will communicate student progress to parents in real time, as they are already,  in a way that hopefully suits both parties.  Parents of senior students may receive one of three forms of communication - an email,  phone call or ZOOM invitation from each of the class teachers
The aim with this is not to overwhelm with emails and other contact, but to give timely information, as term 3 is very near to an end.  

Any further information, including advice on mask wearing etc will be posted before Thursday. Please watch for this advice as it is updated. Thank you all for your patience and perseverance.    

Ngaa mihi nui,

Deborah Hohneck 

31st August 2021

Kia ora koutou,

Please find below a link to the registration form for those who need bus transport to school during Level 3.  Please register before your child attends school  -  in the interests of the COVID Alert,  no one will be permitted to get on a school bus if not already registered.  

Here’s a 
link to the registration form for school bus transport during alert level 3. Click on the Contact EasyBus button.

29th August 2021

Kia ora koutou
If you are an essential worker and you are required at work on Wednesday, and can make no other arrangements for your child, SLT will be on site at the college, making the school site safe for Level 3 learning. If you need to drop your child at school that day, please contact Angela Wallace who will be the SLT member in charge of managing Level 3 student lists. She can be emailed on angela.wallace@tkcoll.school.nz . We will need to know in advance who we can expect.  
All learning will be online, as described earlier.  
Please note, this is only for Year 7 to 10 students. Senior students are to continue with online work at home unless organised with SLT.

27th August 2021

Kia ora koutou
As most of you will no doubt know by now,   we will be moving back down the Alert Levels into Level 3 from Wednesday.   
This means that the school remains closed but that some staff can be on site to manage Admin and to provide supervision for the very small number of students who are the children of essential workers and for whom no other arrangements can be made. It is important to understand that this is not school as we know it. The children who come will continue to learn online and remotely, with their regular classmates and teacher as if they were at home. They will be socially distanced and in small 'Bubbles'. The teachers will be continuing to teach their timetabled classes remotely just as they have been doing all week. 
If you are an essential worker and you do need to send your child to school at Level 3,  you must let the school office know so that plans can be made. You must email the school at admin@tkcoll.school.nz before Wednesday 12pm (1st September) or you can call the school office between 9am and 12pm on Wednesday morning 1st September  (this is when we will have staff available to man the phones).  School buses as such will not run. If your child is a regular bus student and school bus transport is required, we need to know this when you email or call the school so that arrangements can be made.  
Please note, this is only for Year 7 to 10 students. Senior students are to continue with online work at home unless organised with SLT.
The school will be closed for students on Wednesday 1st September. Staff will be on site on Wednesday to prepare for the kura to open at Level 3. For students of essential workers who are planning to attend during Level 3, school will start at 8:50am on Thursday morning (2nd September). As soon as students arrive at school they must sign in at the front desk located in the hall foyer. From here, they will be taken to their learning space in the computer room. Break times will be as per normal school bell times. However, social distancing protocols will be maintained during this time and a space will be provided for students to eat and rest. School lunches will not be provided during Level 3.
We need to have absolute contact tracing in place so only students who are on our list as having been verified as needing to be at school,  can attend. Please be aware that abiding by all the rules at Level 3 will see us reach Level 2 sooner.  We are all looking forward to a return to normality,  but we are not quite there yet.  
All students who can log on to their Google classroom should be doing so or making some form of direct contact with their teachers who are working hard to ensure that relevant and quality learning is available.  We cannot afford to just 'sit this out' or we will find that we are losing academic ground. Thank you to all those who do log in regularly. For those with limited connectivity, we should be better able to provide printed resources during level 3.   

Kia kaha 
Noho ora mai
Deborah Hohneck

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25th August 2021

Kia ora koutou,

The good news, is that all our people awaiting test results, including those who have been at places of interest, have so far been found to be negative.  

Yesterday the MOE notified us that delivery of hard packs of generic resources are being prioritised for those in Auckland and in full isolation. They are however available on their websites and should soon, if not already, be available in printable formats, so that parents with access to a printer can do this for themselves. Similarly, if students have no device and no internet access, we may at some point be able to print off and mail out these resources. However, the absolute best thing for each student is to make contact, even if just by email with their teachers (remember to get the student to check their school emails) as the teachers know their learning needs.

Click on this
link to view the comments from the MOE which include the references to the TV learning.

Ngaa mihi,

24th August 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Please see the attached letter from the Ministry of Education regarding Te Kauwhata College Enrolment Scheme.
You will be able to view information on the Home Zones and the details of the scheme by using the link to the MOE website provided in the letter.
You will also be able to join a ZOOM meeting to discuss the Enrolment Scheme on Wednesday 1st September at 3.30pm.
You may also email your queries at any time using the email address given in the letter.

here to view the letter.

Kind regards,

Terri Taylor
Principal's Assistant & Board Secretary

22nd August 2021

Today we issued devices and will do so again tomorrow - at set times, and under strict protocols. It is important that we do this following the guidelines that are there to control the spread of the virus.  These are the only times that anyone is allowed on the school site,  and there must only be one person at a time. If anyone gets this wrong,  we will lose the right to this exception.  MOE has today also reminded us that there is to be no use of playing fields, playgrounds,  or other school facilities during Alert Level 4.  

Additional information is continually being posted on the MOH website about 'locations of interest' - a growing list. Other members of our school community have been at some of the later ones, including Pukekohe High School.  The Ministry of Health is working directly with any individuals who have been identified as at places of high risk and those individuals have been notified to stay isolated for 14 days,  even after returning a negative test. If a positive test is returned from any member of the school community who has been at a 'location of interest' they will be notified immediately as will I.
(The school will only inform publicly of any positive cases or The school community will be informed of any related positive cases and the next steps…).  The school will then be informed as to next steps,   which are likely to include further closure and isolation.  Any of us could find ourselves in this situation at any point.  This is a thorough and precautionary approach. Let's not get ahead of ourselves and be fearful of something that may not happen.  If we follow the rules,  stay calm and keep kind, we will all be fine. 
If isolation is causing anyone anxiety, please use the various links available and speak to a qualified counsellor.  The consolation is that we are all locked down anyway. We are all in this together. We managed it last time, and we will manage it again.   

Deborah Hohneck

22nd August 2021

A huge thanks is due to my SLT and other staff members who have worked over the weekend to ready devices for collection from the front door.  This was managed carefully in appropriate socially distanced ways,  in accordance with the rules laid out by the MOH and MOE.  As a school community we are very glad of the bending of the rules that has allowed us to do this,  Thank you to the parents who turned up today at the appropriate times,  correctly masked and keeping their distances, which makes everyone feel safer and a part of the same big team.  
Please note for future collections, including tomorrow, that the wearing of masks,  in public,  is now mandatory across NZ.  Just as you will not be served in a supermarket unless you are wearing a mask,  so, will you not be issued a device.  Please do continue to respect these limitations in the interests of the safety and good relations of everyone.  
Again, thank you all who do their bit,  and particularly to my staff who are working so hard to ensure that we are all ready for learning online at this difficult time. 

Deborah Hohneck

21st August 2021

As you all know, the list of ‘locations of interest’ for the Delta variant of the COVID virus grows daily, the chances of some of us having been at one of those and therefore potentially in contact with the virus, grows accordingly.    It has today come to our attention that one of our students was indeed present at a location of interest last week.   We are following MOE and MOH protocols - the student has been tested and is isolating at home.  It is more than likely that there will be a negative result, and if not, there will be little change to our current situation.  ie locked down, teaching and  learning from home. We will as always keep everyone informed of any developments.  Meanwhile, please try to enjoy family weekends - online learning begins in earnest on  Monday.  Deborah

19th August 2021

We hope that you are all well and that this Lock Down is a short one, just a bit of a mid-term break for students. 
We are all likely to find out tomorrow if we are going to be able to return to school next week. If not, we will be able to access the school site to arrange for the issuing of devices and learning resources should the Lock Down continue for any length of time.  Please be assured that student learning will be disrupted as little as possible. NZQA is already adjusting things to allow for this disruption and our teachers have spent the last 2 days planning the way ahead to ensure continued learning for all. Meanwhile keep safe, hope for speedy control of this outbreak and a resulting return to normal. But if not, know that we have done this all before,  and have learned from the experience.  
Don't hesitate to contact teachers and deans by email. They are working and are there to support you and your students with learning and wellbeing. 
You can click view their emails on the Staff page on the website.

Ngaa mihi nui,

18th August 2021

Teenaa Koutou katoa

I hope that everyone is safely locked down and that you have all been able to manage this latest disruption to our daily lives. 
To those of you who are essential workers, and continuing in the face of renewed threat - on behalf of the school,  I would like to convey our deepest thanks and respect. 

Our teachers are planning for the active online teaching that we may need,  by meeting via ZOOM with each other and have been in touch with many students already.   We are all aware that the priority for everyone in the first day or two of lockdown is ensuring the safety and welfare of everyone in the whaanau. 

The Delta variation of Covid19 is highly contagious and we must prepare for the likelihood that there will be an extended period to this Lockdown in one form or another.  If your family has sufficient devices at home,  students can simply log on to Google classrooms as normal. 

If you have no device, a plan will be put in place to allow us to get these issued next week.  MOE is working with the government to put processes in place to allow us to distribute learning resources safely. 

If you have limited connectivity,  please contact your provider.   MOE has extended the free internet provision that was negotiated last time, until at least the end of this year,  all our students have the right to this provision.  

Supports are also in place for any who are suffering hardships because of the sudden Lock down - be they social,  emotional or financial. see the accompanying notes under the MOE link.  Please don't hesitate to use these if you find a need.  Please also remember that you can reach out to all teachers,   SLT ,  Deans or Guidance staff if you are worried about your children.  

Kia kaha
Deborah Hohneck 

17th August 2021

Kia ora koutou katoa,
As you will all know by now, we are in full lockdown for at least the rest of this week.  Unfortunately, we have not been given enough warning to hand out devices or prepare students in any way.  Let’s hope that it is just 3 days.  When I know more, I will let you know but meanwhile please just obey government instructions and keep your children home. School is closed for all until further notice.
Teachers will be active online but are aware that students may not have their devices at home. If lockdown lasts into next week, we will be in touch with further plans for teaching and learning.
I will look for the guidance from MOE and pass that along to all as soon as I have it. 
We have managed this before.  Stay home, stay safe, care for your own whaanau.  
Ngaa mihi,
Deborah Hohneck

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24th June 2021

Please note that As you will all be aware, Wellington has moved into Level 2 after a traveller from Australia who since tested positive for COVID-19, passed through. This does not affect us, though we do all need to beware of the complacency that has crept in to our country over the last few months. Here in Te Kauwhata, as elsewhere, we remain at Level 1. Any students who have been in Wellington, and at places of interest have been contacted and asked to self isolate, be tested, and stay home for 14 days or until they have a negative test result and are told that it is safe to leave isolation.  We do have one pupil in this situation. Ministry of Health and Education advice is that there is no cause for alarm. You will be contacted directly if any further actions are needed.

I’m sure you were all pleased to hear today’s update on the case who visited Wellington over the weekend. It’s reassuring that there have been no positive test results at this time and the man’s partner has returned a negative test and is asymptomatic at this point.   With so many locations of interest we know there are large numbers of people who want to do their bit to support the health response. As Dr Bloomfield said today, if you are a contact of someone who has been at a location of interest (eg household member, workmate, friend) you do not need to isolate or be tested, unless specifically instructed by health authorities to do so. Everyone is encouraged to keep doing the right thing, even if they have had a negative test result initially.

16th June 2021

Please note that Friday, 18th June, is a holiday for Te Kauwhata College. This day is to coincide with the National Field days and has been a planned day on our calendar.

Monday 21st June will be Day 3 on the timetable.

20th May 2021

Go to the News/Events page to view the latest Newsletter.

Pink Shirt Day is tomorrow (21st May). Students can wear mufti to school but are required to give a gold coin donation.

14th May 2021

Teacher Only Day
Please be reminded that
Wednesday 19th May 2021 is a TEACHER ONLY DAY and the school will be closed for instruction to students.
This is a Ministry of Education directed Teacher Only Day and teachers will be focusing on the education change package.
Please note also, that
Thursday (20th May) will be Day 1 when students return to school.

If you have any questions, please call the school office.

13th April 2021

Parent Teacher Interviews
Wednesday 14th April
3:30pm to 6:30pm

Book online:
See students' reports for booking details

25th March 2021

Enrolment zone 
Consultation with schools affected by the establishment of an enrolment zone at Te Kauwhata College has taken place. We are discussing this at the next Board meeting, which is on Wednesday 31
st of March at 6.30pm at the College. If you have concerns or queries, please make a written submission to the Board.  The Ministry of Education is making itself available to discuss these, or to meet with interested parties at this Board meeting.  If you wish to attend in person to meet with the MOE person, please let the school know on: admin@tkcoll.school.nz

5th March 2021

During these uncertain times school bus drivers need certainty around who should or should not be coming to school under the different Alert Levels.  For those pupils in or around the Level 2 and 3  border areas,  please fill out the registration form on the website link below.


Deborah Hohneck 


1st March 2021

Unfortunately,  as no doubt you all know,  Auckland has returned to COVID Alert Level 3 and the rest of the country to Level 2.  
While Te Kauwhata remains in Level 2 there is little change in the way that the school has been operating over the last few weeks.  Please be assured that school is safe for your children,  as are school buses, and will remain open to all students. Just a reminder that there are no trips or visits from outsiders,   but that school groups are safe to gather. 

We do have a few teachers and students who have been affected by the revised border boundaries. I have applied for travel exemptions for all our affected staff, but these are very difficult to get.  Affected teachers can teach their classes online,  from their homes.  While this is helpful,  it does mean that some classes will be in school without their regular teachers. There is still a need to put a responsible and qualified person in charge of each class, so at this time, our relief resources are stretched.  The result is that some students will not always have access to their regular teacher, or to specialised facilities,  such as science labs, workshops etc.  Please be patient, the teachers and I are doing all we can to get them into their classrooms and we all do our very best to ensure that teaching and learning remains the focus and is as uninterrupted as possible.  We need to be thankful, that we in Te Kauwhata, so close to Auckland, are not in Level 3 and that we can proceed with close to normality.   Our sympathies go out to our colleagues, students and families in the Auckland area.  
The boundaries are different this time and run south of the Waikato River so that Onewhero and Port Waikato are included in the northern zone. Naike and Waikaretu areas are in the southern zone, with the border running around halfway between Limestone Downs and Waikaretu  and the border also runs just west of the highway south of Meremere. This should not affect bus routes,  but it may affect some students in the border areas. Please check the map on the COVID website below if you are in doubt.  If your child is residing in Level 3 they will be unable to attend school.  Ring us to let us know so that we can provide online learning options.  
Deborah Hohneck 

19th February 2021

Kia ora,

We have returned to COVID Alert Level 1. This means that  we remain vigilant, but are free to mix and mingle and travel.  
MOE has asked that I remind you that students on school buses do not need to wear masks (though they can if they wish), but everyone must wear a mask on all public transport.

We need to inform you all, (as we have our students) that we now have security cameras running at our school 24/7. This should act as a deterrent to vandalism and other crimes out of hours, but also to incidents of poor behaviour. 
It is important to understand that only a few key senior staff have access to the recordings, and that we do not, in line with privacy laws, allow parents  to view anything which may show any students other than their own child. 
As always, our processes in dealing with anti-social behaviour are based on restorative and educative principles, and are aimed at prevention. 

Ngaa mihi,

16th February 2021

Kia ora,

As you are all no doubt aware, we have been placed back into Alert Level 2 and the Auckland region is in Level 3 Lock Down for the latest Coronavirus outbreak.  
We are well practised at Level 2 and we want to reassure you that for us, school just carries on much as before, with a reinvigorated approach to hand sanitising etc. However, because we do want to be well prepared should we be moved into Level 3 at any point, students will be bringing home with them a letter that outlines the plan should the Alert level worsen. This will also be posted on the website and Facebook as well as emailed home. 
Teachers checked for device and internet capabilities yesterday as well as need for hard copy resources moving ahead.  

Ngaa mihi,

15th February 2021

Kia ora,

Te Kauwhata College precautionary plan for a change in COVID-19 Levels 
Currently we are at Alert Level 2. School remains open as normal.  All students are expected to attend school. We are preparing should there be any change in Levels.  
If we move to Alert Level 3 or 4, Years 11-13 will move to online learning. 
Year’s 7-10 will also be online at Level 3 and 4. If we are in a Level 3 situation, children of essential workers will be able to come into school and access their online classes under a rostered teacher supervision system.  
Should we go to Alert Level 3 and you are an essential worker family who will be sending your child to school, you will need to let the school know if they will be catching a bus. This communication will be vital so that we will be able to inform the bus company. 
Teachers have asked students today, should we move to Alert Level 3 or 4 if they will require a loan device. If they indicate they will need a device. we will have the office open for families to come in and collect them between the hours of 9:00am – 3:00pm.  
For those students who do not have internet access at home, paper/hard copies will be provided. Should we move to Alert Level 3 or 4, and you require paper/hard copies, you will need to phone the school to let us know so we can prepare the pack. Once the pack is ready, you will be able to come to the school office between the hours of 9:00am – 3:00pm to collect them.  
This is a precautionary plan for our school should the alert levels change. We have put this together so that we are organised and prepared so that we can continue to deliver the best educational outcomes for your child. 

Ngaa mihi,
Angela Wallace

15th February 2021

Kia ora,

As you are all aware, the government has declared that the wider Auckland area moves to Level 3 and the rest of the country move to Level 2 from today. This means that for Te Kauwhata College, we return to the physical distancing, hand sanitising and desk wiping that we used so well in Level 2 last year. It also means no trips and visits, no activities offsite until further notice.

Key Dates


  • Start of Term 1 - Mon 2nd May
  • Teacher Only Day - Mon 9th May (Tue Day 6)
  • Queens Birthday - Mon 6th June
  • Matariki Holiday - Fri 24th June
  • Last Day Term 2 - Fri 8th July

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