Under the current COVID-19 Traffic Light System, masks are compulsory for those without exemptions

General Information

A large proportion of our students travel by bus. The buses are shared with the local primary schools and our students, as the older ones, need to be responsible and sensible at all times.  It is important to realise that the MOE funded bus is a privilege and that school rules apply on all buses.

We need to remind parents that any silly behaviour can cause disruption and make buses late to their destination. This impacts on students from the primary schools as well, causing anxiety for children and parents.  Repeated offences (pulling the emergency stop, and any form of rude or unacceptable behaviour) will result in the student being removed from the bus. The bus company  (Murphy’s) has the right to do this in consultation with the school, and we do support them.

Those students coming from Huntly travel on private commercial buses run by Taverners. Our school has no power over this service, and it is not an MOE bus. The same rules apply, and we do support Taverners to enforce good standards of behaviour. The bus company has the right to refuse to take a passenger who misbehaves on these buses.

Waikare Bus Group

This is for students who are in our school bus zone.  It is currently run by Murphy Buses.  It is advisable that you contact them to let them know if you have a child that needs collecting. This can be done at the following website https://waikare.easybus.nz/

Huntly Bus

The bus from Huntly is a paid service. You will need to let the company know if you have a child who would like to use this service.  You can contact them through their website https://www.taverners.co.nz/ or ring them on Phone (09) 235 1007.