Digital Technology

Digital Technology at Te Kauwhata College is offered in all levels and encourages students to be creative in a safe online environment. We are implementing the new Digital Curriculum in partnership with all other curriculum areas in the school.

We have high specification equipment that encourages students to both develop their basic computer skills and learn advanced digital tools to prepare for the online world we now live and work in. In Junior classes we incorporate basic Word and Presentation tools along with some experience in Robotics, Coding and Animation.

From Year 10 onwards, students can work towards NCEA Credits across a range of areas of interest and can also develop their own interests across the school curriculum to complete complex projects. In NCEA Level 1-3 students will work in design teams to develop a portfolio of work.

Senior Digital Technology students can also apply to be Student Computer technicians, which will add to their classroom work developing advanced computer technology skills that can be used in industry and tertiary study.

We believe we offer a student-focused flexible programme that encourages creativity and collaboration at all levels of ability and interest for students.

Contact Us
Location: 50-64 Waerenga Road, Te Kauwhata, New Zealand
Phone: (07) 826 3715

2021 Term Dates
Term 1: Thursday 4th February - Friday 16th April
Term 2: Monday 3rd May - Friday 9th July
Term 3: Monday 26th July - Friday 1st October
Term 4: Monday 18th October - Friday 10th December

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