Day Zero

Activities (Wednesday afternoons – Weeks 3-10 in Term 2)

PLEASE NOTE – We are not running Activities Afternoons for the foreseeable future.

What are Activities Afternoons?

We have many activities that take place during school time.  This is a good thing.  Our students who get involved in sports, cultural activities, camps and other extra-curricular activities are very often our most successful academic students as well.  It is a well-researched fact that the development of the whole child in education is important to the overall success of the life-long learner. There is, however, often pressure on students and teachers to meet academic deadlines as well as fulfil sporting and extra-curricular commitments. We are attempting to address this situation as well as extend the learning opportunities for all our students.

Activities Afternoons will allow staff to offer a variety of opportunities that exploit the full range of the New Zealand Curriculum, including the Key Competencies.  These are the essential ‘soft’ or ‘human’ skills that employers say they often find are lacking in those students who have focused solely on ‘passing exams’.  These include Relating to Others, Managing Self, Participating and Contributing, Thinking, and Using Language, Symbols and Text. 

Our teachers have many skills in areas that they are not able to teach during the regular timetable but they can offer to teach to students during Activities Afternoons.  Some of the proposed activities will carry Performance credits or offer extra Achievement Standards.  We will even be able to provide extra classes for those needing some specific qualifications or additional help with their regular studies.

The name for this special day in our timetable is just a label but may have caused some confusion.  It is really just another day on the timetable but we wanted to keep it to a Wednesday in order for there to be consistency for outside providers.

What activities are on offer?

We are excited about the introduction of this new day as an extension to our timetable and look forward to seeing our students enthusiastically engaged in a wide variety of activities of their choice that they wouldn’t normally get a chance to try.  Some of the many activities on offer include: Build-Ability (carpentry and building skills), Band Boot Camp, Creative Coding (computer coding), Cultural Performance, Duke of Edinburgh Hillary Awards, Fun Physics, Kapa Kaka ki Te Kauwhata, Mural Making, Numeracy (tuition for NCEA students), “Have you got what it takes?” (police-force introduction), Robotics, Rowing, Science Fair, . 

Please contact us if you have any queries about Activities Afternoons.