Earlier this year, as part of a special Waikato War project undertaken by our entire Year 10 student group, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spent an extended time at Waikato Museum discussing her love of New Zealand History with the group.

Why study the
Social Sciences?

  • ϖ Students need opportunities to develop connections across a wide range of experiences, supporting the skills necessary for lifelong learning.
  • ϖ They need to understand how their learning in the Social Sciences can connect to and build on other learning areas, and life outside and beyond school. When they do, it is a powerful tool to motivate, engage, and enhance the relevance of their learning.
  • ϖ Subjects in the Social Sciences are closely linked not only to each other, but also across other learning areas allowing a cross-curricular approach that will benefit student achievement.
  • ϖ Achievement and Unit standards from a range of subjects could provide opportunities to assess students.

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2020 Term Dates
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