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At Te Kauwhata College we offer the opportunity to study as many aspects of Technology as we possibly can, enabling the students to be prepared for whichever career pathway they chose in life.
In Year 7 & 8: -
The students get a 1 term taster of Materials Technology where we teach them the skills and knowledge of how to create a project form multiple materials. Food technology where the students are taught safe food handling and how to prepare simple foods. Digital Technology we incorporate basic Word and Presentation tools along with some experience in Robotics, Coding & Animation.
In years 9 & 10: -
we do semester courses where the students will change options and cover 2 of the Technology areas a year. In Materials Technology we build on the knowledge gained from previous years and potentially gain L1 NCEA credits from Y10 on. We teach the students through more involved projects that require learning the safe use of larger machinery, in both engineering and wood working. For Food technology the students get to enhance their skills & knowledge of the best practice in food preparation & presentation with more involved tasks. Digital Technology offers the students opportunity to work towards NCEA credits across a range of areas which can connect across the school through other curriculum areas. Within Design and Visual Communication (DVC) students are taught the design process and through a range of sketching, instrumental drawing and digital drawing methods are asked to devise a project to meet a need for a possible client. This can lead onto careers in product design, architecture, fashion design, web design, gaming etc.
In our Senior Classes we provide opportunities based around both Vocational and Academic Tertiary Pathways for their future. The areas we cover at present are: -
Automotive: -
In Automotive at levels 1, 2 & 3 we assess through industry-based Automotive unit standards through Fairview Educational Services, a training provider and supplier of standards within the industry. With the use of our well-equipped workshop we are able to teach our students the knowledge and skills enabling then to gain credits which are relevant to the trade, bettering their chances of attaining a career in this trade.
Construction (Wood Technology): -
Construction/ Wood-work is taught at all senior levels and is assessed against BCATs unit standards. We are able to teach our students a range of skills needed to continue into the careers of Building and Construction through project-based assessments recognized by the industry.
Design and Visual Communication (DVC): -
DVC is a course based around designing a product which addresses an issue given as a brief, as if by a client. This covers areas such as Architecture (both interior and exterior as well as Landscape design), Product design (this can cover furniture, homeware, fashion and toys), Media design (can include, posters, packaging, web pages and gaming). The assessments are NZQA Achievement standards and can lead onto tertiary level studies.
Digital Technology: -
Students will be working in design teams to develop a portfolio of work through a flexible programme that encourages creativity and collaboration skills at all levels and through the interests of the students. The assessments are NZQA achievement standards which will lead to tertiary level studies. Senior Digital students can also apply to be Student Computer Technicians, adding advanced computer technology skills that can be used within industry.
Engineering: -
This subject will teach the students a wide range of engineering skills currently being called for within the industry. We use trade-based Unit Standards supplied by the engineering ITO, Competenz, who through liaising with schools and employers can arrange apprenticeships for future candidates. The students will be taught the skills of using major engineering machinery (Manual Lathes, Milling Machines, ETC) as well as various welding methods, through the creation of complicated projects reflective of the skill level required.
Food Technology: -
In this course we have 2 lines of assessments available to us. In the first we can offer up-to level 2 Unit standards, supplied by an industry ITO, ServiceIQ. The focus on these unit standards is to teach specific skills & knowledge leading to the Hospitality Industry. Chef, Café work & Barristering. The second of these we can offer are up-to Level 3 NZQA Food Technology Achievement standards. These look at the science behind food and how things can be improved, modified or enhanced to meet or create a market need. These standards can lead onto tertiary level studies working in the food industries developing new products.
Materials Technology: -
Materials Technology is purely assessed on NZQA Achievement standards. In this subject the students are given a problem to solve and they are to design a solution. They can use a combination of materials and methods to create the product and will have access to digital drawing programs, model making programs, CAD laser cutters and 3D printers to make their outcome. This course will lead to tertiary level studies and provide University Entrance credits. There is an expectation for the students to be able critically analyse and justify their design.

Proposed Technology Courses for 2020

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2020 Term Dates
Term 1: Wed 29th Jan - Thu 9th Apr
Term 2: Tue 28th Apr - Fri 3rd Jul
Term 3: Mon 20th Jul - Fri 25th Sep
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Please Note for Term 1 Start Dates:
Year 13 - Wed 29th Jan @ 8:30AM
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