Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

D Hohneck Principal
M O'Donnell Deputy Principal; VLN; Mechanical Engineering                          
J Smith Assistant Principal; Correspondence; Principal's Nominee; Accounts; Business Studies
A Wallace Assistant Principal; Year 7 & 8 Composite


Teaching Staff

V Apisai LAL Social Sciences
M Bell Director of the Junior School; Year 7 & 8 Composite; Maths; Music
B Boyens Health; Guidance Counsellor
C Cameron Science
B Campbell PE & Health; EOTC, POET & Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator
S Carter Year 7 & 8 Composite; Maths 
J Cooke HOD ICT; Digital Technology
J Fiske Art; Photography
C Frewin Science; Chemistry
N Grant LAL Arts; Music; House Coordinator
S Henare Drama; Dance; Hauora Dean
E Hendricks LAL Science
V Jackson English; Science
L Jefferis Year 7 & 8 Composite; Maths; English
K Jessup Science; Biology
E Jones LAL Maths
R Keall LAL Technology; Food Technology; Hospitality
J Kelly Careers; Star; Gateway
K Kerr PE; Health
M Maree Social Studies; Tourism
J Matchett Automotive; Mechanical Engineering
M Missen PE; Health
P Naidoo Maths; Science; PE
N Ord PE; Health; Food Technology (on refreshment leave - Term 1)
K Porton LAL English; Year 7 & 8 Composite
C Riddell Year 7 & 8 Composite; Art
J Riley English
J Russell PE; Health
C Schwarz Year 7 & 8 Composite; Maths
R Schwinn HOD Hard Materials; Hard Materials (Wood) Technology; BCATS; DVC
L Simmonds Horticulture
T Totorewa HOD Maori; Social Studies; Year 7 & 8 Composite
K Vodanovich PE; Health
S Williams LAL PE & Health


Support Staff

L Babu Librarian
K Biddick Office Receptionist
J Buttery Sports Coordinator (on maternity leave)
V de Thierry Learning Assistant
D Fox Food Technology Assistant
J Garrick Executive Officer
J Gurnell Learning Assistant
D Jensen Academic Secretary
D Maher Learning Assistant
J Montier Learning Assistant
D Owen Property Manager
L Pallister Star/Gateway/Careers Assistant
N Smith BOT Secretary, Principal's Secretary
H Straker Student Centre Receptionist
A Thomas Science Technician
K Wong Acting Sports Coordinator


Itinerant Music Teachers

D Downer Piano
A Knox Drums, Guitar & Bass
F Nicholls Vocals
F Wolstencroft Woodwind & Brass