Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to all students from the time they leave home until the time they return.  This includes attendance on school-related trips, sports events and travelling on the buses.

1.      Treat all people with respect and courtesy.

2.      Follow staff instructions at all times.

3.      Students are required to attend school every day.  Absence from school must be explained by telephone message or letter to the Form Teacher from the parent or caregiver.

4.      Stay within the school premises during the day.  Permission to leave the grounds is required from the school.

5.      Uniform must be correct.  A parent/caregiver must send a note with their student explaining the reason for not wearing proper uniform.

6.      Care for the school environment by not damaging it in any way.  Do not throw down litter – use the bins provided.

7.      Look after school property.

8.      Personal belongings are not be used in an inappropriate manner.

9.      Chewing gum, tobacco products, drugs, alcohol, knives, matches, lighters and any indecent or offensive items are not allowed at school.

10.    Mp3 players, iPods, cell phones and similar devices are not to be used during class time unless they are being used for class research and then only with the permission of the teacher.  They may be used at interval and lunchtime.


Expectations of Students

Take responsibility for your own learning…

  • Concentrate on your work
  • Get involved – do your best
  • Listen to instructions and follow them
  • Have all the equipment you need
  • Make an honest attempt to work
  • Make sure your work is your own

…and your own actions

  • Make positive comments
  • Respect other people and their property
  • Always use “Please” and “Thank you”
  • Be pleasant and polite
  • Follow the school’s Code of Conduct

Have pride in yourself and the College so that it can have pride in you.